Students with scholarship and success in competitive exams for Grandes Ecoles

Posted in General by Julyan Arbel on 5 October 2010

In addition to showing Polytechnique students sleeping in a lecture theatre, the article in Grandes Ecoles: “Les boursiers réussissent moins bien” (Grandes Ecoles: “Students with scholarship are less successful”) draws a statement with which I am not enthousiastic. It is based on a study by the organization Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It only states the existence of a correlation : those students with scholarship do not succeed as well as others, which is not a big surprise. Results in competitive exams are then compared to earlier results at baccalauréat: the difference with non scholarship students shortens from 2 points at bac to 1 point in exams. The trouble is the comparison lacks a reference to the grade distribution (or its standard error).

Ronan and Edwin point out that other organizations (like Tremplin) want to measure the effect of scholarship as well, with more involved models (like  field experiments). At ENSAE for example, a study could focus on the effects of scholarship, not only for entrance exams, but later on employment.

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  1. robinryder said, on 12 October 2010 at 17:03

    Possibly related: see for a post on whether being granted boarding in your “classe prépa” gives you an advantage.

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