Statisfacinating blogs

Posted in General by Julyan Arbel on 21 January 2011

Sorry about that 20minutes title, that is an easy one…

Bschool is a web site for business schools and MBAs. Robin pointed me to their blog, whose last entry lists their favorite 40 Fascinating Blogs for the Ultimate Statistics Geek. Quite a satisfaction to be quoted in there for Hop-o’-My-Thumb (Le Petit Poucet), all the more at a place lurking from so close to the podium. Seems like highway robbery still, of course behind Xi’an’s Og, but cited before Arthur’s Freakonomics, Andrew Gelman’s SmCIaSS, R-bloggers or Revolution.

PhD students affiliated with the CREST research institute blog extensively about statistics, economics and plenty more relevant, often overlapping topics.

PS : speaking about Arthur (a Muggle in the Bayesian/Magical world, or a Bayesian opportunist), I like his post on Bayesian statistics, with nice gif animations for posterior concentration.


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