Greek Stochastics

Posted in Seminar/Conference by Pierre Jacob on 6 April 2011

Hey again,

Four of us CREST younglings (Robin, Julyan, Christian and Pierre) are attending Greek Stochastics “gamma” at the end of May. It’s the third edition of this meeting focusing on MCMC methods. The conference’s website:

And this time it’s located in Crete…! Robin and Julyan will present a poster on ABC and Gibbs estimation of a rank data (=Thurstonian) regression model with an application to the Eurovision Song Contest vote.

Pierre will present a talk on a Parallel Adaptive Wang Landau algorithm; it’s about a bunch of improvements for the Wang-Landau algorithm with applications to Bayesian inference (joint work with Luke Bornn, Pierre Del Moral and Arnaud Doucet).

Christian will present a poster on Stochastic approaches to unconstrained quadratic binary optimization, about a general Sequential Monte Carlo approach to the Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization problem which is an NP-hard standard problem in combinatorial optimization.

We’re all very much looking forward to it!


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