Non-profit data science associations

Posted in Project, Statistics by Pierre Jacob on 28 June 2011

Hey there,

As we all know, there is more and more available data and more and more efficient ways to analyze them to get useful answers, about pretty much everything. So, statisticians  and “data scientists” in general are usually busy people. However, if some of them ever get bored, there seems to be nice associations out there seeking volunteers to put their big minds to good use!

Here are some I came across recently:

With powerful free software like R allowing to carry out complete statistical analysis, I bet there’s going to be many more non-profit data science associations around!

EDIT: the great hosts forecasting competitions including some for non-profit associations, like a recent one from Wikimedia Foundation. Moreover anyone can register and host a competition on this site, so it might be the easiest way for a non-profit association to have data scientists working for them.


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  1. […] a mini-series in the form of a Star Trek comic,  Understanding Uncertainty looked at entropy and Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Sciences summed up its philosophy of Bayesian data…; for useful reference, Statisfaction collected links to non-profit data science […]

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