PAWL package on CRAN

Posted in Geek, R by Pierre Jacob on 26 October 2011

The PAWL package (which I talked about there, and which implements the parallel adaptive Wang-Landau algorithm and adaptive Metropolis-Hastings for comparison) is now on CRAN!

which means that within R you can easily install it by typing

Isn’t that amazing? It’s just amazing. Kudos to the CRAN team for their quickness and their help.


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  1. beatsnpeace said, on 29 October 2011 at 23:10

    Congratulation for the CRAN package release. It would be great if you can provide a vinigette that provide some basic example, and illustration on how different is the parallel adaptive Wang-Landau algorithm compared to the basic and adaptive Metropolis-Hastings.


    • Pierre Jacob said, on 30 October 2011 at 12:22

      Cheers. The algorithms themselves are explained at length in an article available here:
      The package contains examples through the “demo” format. You can list them with:
      demo(package = “PAWL”)
      Finally, other examples are in the “inst” subfolder of the package.

      But of course I agree, it’d be better with a proper vignette.

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