Next stop: Sydney

Posted in General, Seminar/Conference by Pierre Jacob on 11 February 2012

Hey hey,

After a very interesting week in the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability at the National University of Singapore, where I’ve started some projects about the mathematics behind Sequential Monte Carlo methods with the expert Ajay Jasra, I’m heading towards Sydney, Australia. I love my life at the moment!

Tip for the travelers among you: ScribTeX is a very convenient website if you travel without a laptop. You can type LaTeX documents online and also compile them, and see the resulting PDF. They seem to have all the necessary packages and I could easily type beamer presentations. The editor is a bit simple but it could still save your life!

Speaking of slides, I will be talking next Thursday at the MCQMC conference. My office mate Christian Schaefer will be there too if you wish to speak to an expert in SMC on binary spaces. As for me, I’ll be talking about the properties of the stochastic schedule in the Wang-Landau algorithm, linked with our recent article with Robin Ryder.

Then on February 20th, I’ll give an informal talk at the Centre for Language Science in Macquarie University. That’s quite random, yes. Many thanks to Mark Johnson who contacted me through the blog! There I’ll speak about recent advances in computational Bayesian statistics. These linguists already use SMC for word segmentation and show interest in the latest advances. I’ll hence talk about PMCMC/SMC^2 and also ABC.

Bye bye.


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  1. MCM’Ski lessons | Statisfaction said, on 16 January 2014 at 01:21

    […] Compared to the previous instance three years ago (in Utah), the main themes have significantly changed. Scalability, approximate methods, non-asymptotic results, 1/n methods … these keywords are now on everyone’s lips. Can’t wait to see if MCQMC’14 will feel that different from MCQMC’12. […]

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