Posted in Geek by Pierre Jacob on 29 March 2012


A few weeks ago I got fed up with printing, carrying around, losing, and reprinting papers, and decided to go for a 10″ e-reader.  I like to be able to write annotations on papers, so I went for one with a stylus.

I’m enthusiastic about it so far: you can read pretty well, 12 or 13 inches would have been better but 10 inches is big enough to read scientific articles. The device automatically removes the margins so you can have an entire page on the screen, so there’s no need to scroll all the time (at least for most papers). You can even click on the hyper links with the stylus, search in the text, put bookmarks etc, so there’s no particular issues when handling long documents like books. The only disappointing feature is the web browser, that I find quite close to unusable, except for briefly connecting to arXiv to see the most recent entries.

One thing that you don’t get with an e-reader is the satisfaction of seeing your papers getting old, torn, coffee stained etc. If you’re really nostalgic you can still add coffee stains on your documents using this LaTeX package.

On a more geeky note, the device I chose runs linux and the manufacturer seems to support open source software; and hence there is a SDK to add more applications. The device seems even capable of running python! I’m eager to see what’ll come out of this.



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  1. coffee.tar.gz said, on 30 March 2012 at 20:53

    That coffee stains package made me realize I might want an e-reader, thx!

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