Collegio Carlo Alberto

Posted in General by Julyan Arbel on 12 September 2016

The Collegio in the center.

I have spent three years as a postdoc at the Collegio Carlo Alberto. This was a great time during which I have been able to interact with top colleagues and to prepare my applications in optimal conditions. Now that I have left for Inria Grenoble, here is a brief picture presentation of the Collegio.

Today, the Collegio is a research center specialized in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences in general. The Stat team focusses mainly on Bayesian Nonparametrics (Antonio Canale, Pierpaolo De Blasi, Stefano Favaro, Guillaume Kon Kam King, Antonio LijoiBernardo NipotiIgor PrünsterMatteo Ruggiero), algebraic statistics (Giovanni Pistone) and functional analysis (Bertrand Lods). An “Allievi Honor Program” is training some of the best University students in order to lead them to US PhD programs.

The Collegio started to train the Turin “elite” several centuries ago. The legend says that the hidden child of Mussolini was sent to school there. Each year, the head of the class had the honor of hanging his portrait (that was a boy school, by the way) in the corridors of the Collegio. Thus achieving posterity! But the painting was to be paid by the family, which explains uneven qualities in the portraits.

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Oddly, a collection of stuffed animals keeps company with the pupils portraits, along with a collection of minerals.

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The place also used to host a weather station which collected some of the oldest known weather time series. Today, the rooftop observatory is one of the highlights of the place for visiting scholars with its breathtaking view over the city and the Alps in clear days.

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