Online workshop: Measuring the quality of MCMC output

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Hi all,

With Leah South from QUT we are organizing an online workshop on the topic of “Measuring the quality of MCMC output”. The event website is here with more info:

This is part of ISBA BayesComp section’s efforts to organize activities while waiting for the next “big” in-person meeting, hopefully in 2023. The event benefits from the generous support of QUT Centre for Data Science. The event’s website will be regularly updated between now and the event in October 2021, with three live sessions:

  • 11am-2pm UTC on Wednesday 6th October,
  • 1pm-4pm UTC on Thursday 14th October,
  • 3pm-6pm UTC on Friday 22nd October.

Registration is free but compulsory (form here) as we want to make sure the live sessions remain convivial and focused; hence the rather specific theme, but it’s an exciting topic with lots of very much open questions, which we hope will attract both practitioners and methodologists. Meanwhile some material will be available on the website to everyone, including video recordings of presentations, and posters, so that the workshop hopefully benefits the wider community.

If you have suggestions for this event, or would like to organize a similar event in the future, on another “BayesComp” topic, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our contact details are on the workshop’s website.


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Professor of statistics, ESSEC Business School

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