Do you really need to work 60+ hours per week to be a good researcher ?

There is a controversy these days on social media about academics claiming that “if you do not feel like working 60+ hours per week including weekends and evenings you should probably find another job”. This is utterly frustrating. As an academic myself, I clearly do not feel like working days and nights, even if IContinue reading “Do you really need to work 60+ hours per week to be a good researcher ?”

Why shrinking priors shrink ?

Hello there ! While I was in Amsterdam, I took the opportunity to go and work with the Leiden crowd, an more particularly with Stéphanie van der Pas and Johannes Schmidt-Heiber. Since Stéphanie had already obtained neat results for the Horseshoe prior and Johannes had obtained some super cool results for the spike and slab prior,Continue reading “Why shrinking priors shrink ?”

A glimps of Inverse Problems

Hi folks ! Last Tuesday a seminar on Bayesian procedure for inverse problems took place at CREST. We had time for two presentations of young researchers Bartek Knapik and Kolyan Ray. Both presentations deal with the problem of observing a noisy version of a linear transform of the parameter of interest where is a linearContinue reading “A glimps of Inverse Problems”