Course on Bayesian machine learning in Paris

Rémi Bardenet and I are starting a new course on Bayesian machine learning at the MVA master (Mathématiques, Vision et Apprentissage) at ENS Paris-Saclay. Details on the syllabus can be found on the MVA webpage and on this Github repository. In this post, I shortly describe what motivated us for proposing this course and provideContinue reading “Course on Bayesian machine learning in Paris”

Turning a sum of expectations into a single expectation with geometric series

At the dawn of 2020, in case anyone in the stat/ML community is not aware yet of Francis Bach’s blog started last year: this is a great place to learn about general tricks in machine learning explained with easy words. This month’s post The sum of a geometric series is all you need! shows how ubiquitousContinue reading “Turning a sum of expectations into a single expectation with geometric series”

French Habilitation: Bayesian statistical learning and applications

Long time no see, Statisfaction! I’m glad to write about my habilitation entitled Bayesian statistical learning and applications I defended yesterday at Inria Grenoble. This Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) is the highest degree issued through a university examination in France. If I am to believe official texts, the HDR recognizes a candidate’s “highContinue reading “French Habilitation: Bayesian statistical learning and applications”

Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7

We are organising a two-day Bayesian workshop in Grenoble in September 6-7, 2018. It will be the second edition of the Italian-French statistics seminar (link to first edition), titled this year: Bayesian learning theory for complex data modeling. The workshop will give to young statisticians the opportunity to learn from and interact with highly qualified senior researchersContinue reading “Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7”

AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018

This is an advertisement for on conference on AI organised at Inria Grenoble by Thoth team and Naver labs : This AI summer school comprises lectures and practical sessions conducted by renowned experts in different areas of artificial intelligence. This event is the revival of a past series of very successful summer schools which took placeContinue reading “AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018”

Sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution (part 3, final)

In this third and last post about the Sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution [1] (post 1 and post 2), I would like to show the interplay with the Bernoulli distribution as well as some connexions with optimal transport (OT is a hot topic in general, and also on this blog with Pierre’s posts on WassersteinContinue reading “Sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution (part 3, final)”

Sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution (part 2)

  As a follow-up on my previous post on the sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution [1], I’ll give here a visual illustration of the proof. A random variable with finite mean is sub-Gaussian if there is a positive number such that: We focus on X being a Beta random variable. Its moment generating function is known asContinue reading “Sub-Gaussian property for the Beta distribution (part 2)”

Dynamic publication list for research webpage using arXiv, HAL, or bibtex2html

Well of course, dynamic is conditional upon some manual feeding. If you put your papers on arXiv or HAL, then those two propose dynamic widgets. If you maintain a .bib file of your papers, you can use tools like bibtex2html. This is not dynamic at all, but it allows for finer tuning of url links youContinue reading “Dynamic publication list for research webpage using arXiv, HAL, or bibtex2html”

ISBA elections, let’s go voting

The International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA), is running elections until November, 15. This year, two contributors on this blog, Nicolas Chopin and myself, are running for an ISBA Section office. The sections of the society, nine in number as of today, gather researchers with common research interests: Computation, Objective Bayes, Nonparametrics, etc. Here are our candidateContinue reading “ISBA elections, let’s go voting”

New R user community in Grenoble, France

Nine R user communities already exist in France and there is a much large number of R communities around the world. It was time for Grenoble to start its own! The goal of the R user group is to facilitate the identification of local useRs, to initiate contacts, and to organise experience and knowledge sharing sessions.Continue reading “New R user community in Grenoble, France”