The Wang-Landau algorithm reaches the flat histogram in finite time.

Cross-posted from my personal blog. MCMC practitioners may be familiar with the Wang-Landau algorithm, which is widely used in Physics. This algorithm divides the sample space into “boxes”. Given a target distribution, the algorithm then samples proportionally to the target in each box, while aiming at spending a pre-defined proportion of the sample in eachContinue reading “The Wang-Landau algorithm reaches the flat histogram in finite time.”

Talk at CREST seminar on language diversification

Below are the slides from my talk earlier today at the PhD students’ seminar (which, for the occasion, I might refer to as the CREST young researchers’ seminar – I am sure our previous speaker will not mind!). The slides, in French, are about my DPhil with Geoff Nicholls on Phylogenetic Models of Language Diversification.Continue reading “Talk at CREST seminar on language diversification”