El Capitan OS X and LaTeX

El Capitan is a very nice mountain. It’s also the latest OS X version which messes things up with . Be aware of this before you update. I wasn’t! I quote from a fix explained here: Under OS X 10.11, El Capitan, writing to “/usr” is no longer allowed, even with Administrator privileges. The usualContinue reading “El Capitan OS X and LaTeX”

Using R in LaTeX with knitr and RStudio

Hi, I presented today at INSEE R user group (FLR) how to use knitr (Sweave evolution) for writing documents which are self contained with respect to the source code: your data changed? No big deal, just compile your .Rnw file again and you are done with an updated version of your paper![Ctrl+Shift+I] is easy. SomeContinue reading “Using R in LaTeX with knitr and RStudio”

Googling Bayes’ pictures

I am writing way too many posts in a row on Google tools. I promise I will think about something else soon. I find amusing the possibility to launch a search in Google images by just dragging a picture into the search box, instead of typing text. I remember that Pierre told me about itContinue reading “Googling Bayes’ pictures”

Collaborative writing of LaTeX documents

Hi! The other day I came upon this webpage on wikibooks: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Collaborative_Writing_of_LaTeX_Documents. It lists possible methods to write LaTeX documents with co-authors, and there seems to be plenty of solutions, from fully online LaTeX editors to convenient way to sync local files. The “usual” options are [0) to send an email to the coauthors eachContinue reading “Collaborative writing of LaTeX documents”