PhD students seminar

The PhD students seminar started in September 2009. It originates from the sad fact that we didn’t know at all what our PhD colleagues were working on…


28/03 9h30,

Pierre Jacob : “Échantillonnage de distributions et intérêt en statistique” 

29/02 9h30,

Mathilde Poulhes  : “The Effect of Housing on Portfolio Choice: The French case”

08/02 9h30,

Lucile Romanello : “Organizational Change, Working Conditions and Workers’ Health: Lessons from the 2000 Reform in the French Energy Utilities


   07/12, 9h30

    Marion Gousse: modèle de mariage et d’offre de travail

30/11, 9h30

Christian Schäfer: optimisation sur des espaces binaires.

16/11, 9h30

Manon Garrouste: jeux expérimentaux en mission locale

02/11, 9h30

JB Salomond: Estimation de densité décroissante

19/10, 17h30

Olivier Colier: Tests minimax pour la mise en correspondance d’images


Giuseppe Benedetti: Problème de principal-agent en temps continu


Xavier Milhaud: Modélisation des comportements de rachat en Assurance Vie


Réunion groupes de statistique appliquée: brainstorming sur les sujets


Ronan Le Saout: Enquête premier emploi

22/06 (9h30)

Maxime Tô and Matthieu Solignac: Location and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants’ Children in France


Jean-Bernard Salomond: Bayes tests for monotonicity


Pierre Jacob et Robin Ryder: Le Herding


Guillaume Lepage: Sur les lois \alpha-stables


Jérémy Dudek: Liquidité et phénomènes de contagion sur les marchés émergents.


Noémie Le Donné: Transitions in the French Educational System: An Empirical Examination of the EMI hypothesis


Ronan Le Saout: Les rigidités des prix des carburants


Robin Ryder and Julyan Arbel: Explaining rank data on the Eurovision vote


Adrian Iuga


Mathias Andréand Maxime Tô


Céline Duval: Statistical inference across time scales



Robin Ryder: Phylogenetic models of language diversification (slides).

08/12 9h00

Pierre Jacob: Estimating the score and the observed information matrix in state-space models.

02/12 16h

Stephen E. Fienberg(Carnegie Mellon University): On the Causes of Effects

17/11 9h30

Noémie Le Donné : Performances des élèves de 15 ans, stratification sociale et structure du système éducatif. Une exploitation des enquêtes PISA

06/10 9h30

Jérôme Lê : Régressions sur double discontinuité : une application au cas de l’amniocentèse. [pdf]

22/09 9h30

Christian Schäfer: Adaptive Monte Carlo on multivariate binary sampling spaces [pdf].

15/09 10h

Ronan Le Saout: Economie des catastrophes naturelles


Maxime Tô: First job of second generation immigrants from North Africa


Pierre Jacob: A parallel version of Metropolis-Hastings algorithm


Céline Duval: Comment intervient la notion d’échelle temporelle chez certains processus


Mathias André: Estimation structurelle d’un modèle simple de capital humain


Julyan Arbel: Reference prior for the positive predicted value of a test


Willem Kruijer: FEXP models, long memory Gaussian time series, Bayesian analysis


Christian Schäfer: Cross-Entropy optimisation for variable selection problems


Jérôme Lê : A qui profite la formation professionnelle? [pdf]



Guillaume Lepage: GARCH models


Julyan Arbel: Global and local convergence rates


Pierre Jacob: Particle MCMC methods


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  1. On the Causes of Effects « Statisfaction said, on 2 December 2010 at 14:25

    […] entitled On the Causes of Effects (see the abstract below) this afternoon at CREST, as part of the PhD students’ seminar (as mentionned by Xian). Room 28 at 4 pm. He gave this talk on Tuesday at the Seminar of philosophy […]

  2. […] Uncategorized — robinryder @ 15:19 Below are the slides from my talk earlier today at the PhD students’ seminar (which, for the occasion, I might refer to as the CREST young researchers’ seminar – I […]

  3. […] I am currently visiting Bocconi University for two weeks (following Pierre’s visit to Vancouver). The team here is very active in Bayesian nonparametrics, no surprise with Italy being the cradle of exchangeability with de Finetti’s work. I talk with Sonia Petrone and Pietro Muliere, and can interact with many PhD students in topics related with mine (Maria Anna di Lucca, Steffen Ventz and Sara Wade among others). The whole team plans to attend to this summer BNP conference in Veracruz, Mexico, for which I submitted a poster abstract today on Multidimensional covariate dependent Dirichlet processes. By the way, I am looking for someone for sharing a (cheaper rate) double room in Veracruz… Bocconi’s building is very sophisticated, though looking like a bunker from outside, the architect had the good idea to separate the rooms with glass walls. Which makes it possible, and quite nice, to scribble equations all around on the wall. By chance I will give a talk for the PhD student seminar next Friday. I shall present our work with Robin and Nicolas on the Estimation of a regression for rank data with an application to the Eurovision Song Contest. […]

  4. […] useful in our everyday jobs, links to various pages, articles, conferences, seminars, including a PhD student seminar at CREST. Since we happen to write stuff about R, we are joining the community through the […]

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