Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7

We are organising a two-day Bayesian workshop in Grenoble in September 6-7, 2018. It will be the second edition of the Italian-French statistics seminar (link to first edition), titled this year: Bayesian learning theory for complex data modeling. The workshop will give to young statisticians the opportunity to learn from and interact with highly qualified senior researchersContinue reading “Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7”

AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018

This is an advertisement for on conference on AI organised at Inria Grenoble by Thoth team and Naver labs : This AI summer school comprises lectures and practical sessions conducted by renowned experts in different areas of artificial intelligence. This event is the revival of a past series of very successful summer schools which took placeContinue reading “AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018”

momentify R package at BAYSM14

I presented an arxived paper of my postdoc at the big success Young Bayesian Conference in Vienna. The big picture of the talk is simple: there are situations in Bayesian nonparametrics where you don’t know how to sample from the posterior distribution, but you can only compute posterior expectations (so-called marginal methods). So e.g. you cannot provide credible intervals.Continue reading “momentify R package at BAYSM14”

YES Workshop in Eindhoven

Hi there, this week I am attending a workshop in Eindhoven on Bayesian nonparametrics, YES IV. It is nice how much it matches my research interests, going basically from asymptotics (rates of convergence of posterior distributions and of posterior risks) to the use of stochastic processes for defining priors (among others, Dirichlet, Beta, Neutral toContinue reading “YES Workshop in Eindhoven”

Séminaire Parisien de statistique – October

Last  Monday I attended my first Séminaire Parisien de statistique this year. It takes place at Institut Henri Poincaré, whose famous Director is one of the 2010 Fields Medalists, Cédric Villani. To quote Valencia discussant favorite adjectives, the three talks were terrific and thought-provoking. Eric Moulines presented Multiple Try Methods in MCMC algorithms. Instead ofContinue reading “Séminaire Parisien de statistique – October”

NP Bayes slides

I attended in late August a conference on Bayesian nonparametric statistical methods in Santa Cruz, California. The main lecturer was Dr. Peter Muller. He featured the following topics • Dirichlet processes and the Chinese restaurant process • Dirichlet process mixture models • Polya trees • Dependent Dirichlet processes • Species sampling models • Product partitionContinue reading “NP Bayes slides”