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Posted in Art, R by Julyan Arbel on 15 October 2011

Since we explored some statitics of an abstract painting with Pierre (we even have an article in Variances last issue!), I became more sensitive to art linked to randomness. Here are some pointers to related websites I have digged out., mentioned here by Pierre, is, at it reads, a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. The American writer Eric Hoffer is quoted about creativity:

Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature.

You will find there contributed pages of users of the service about varied forms of arts, like pages which generate Samuel Beckett-like prose, or Jazz Scales. In visual arts, you can find for example the Bryce girl 1, a fractal landscape by Fuller Thompson of Bryce Canyon (with an extra sexy girl by the way); and nice pastel Richter-like pictures by Dave Nelson (to be compared with an excerpt of Richter’s 1024 colors): is a program which randomly generates a picture with a given character seed. You can visit the gallery, or make your own. Sadly, “Bayes” generates an ugly flashy pic:

Day to day data gather together artists who collect, list, database and absurdly analyse the data of everyday life. You can find there links to artists like Abigail Reynolds and her Mount Fear of crimes in London, and many others.

R users produced great outputs too. Interestingly, the two following graphs feel like 3D, although only made up of lines and curves. Paul Butler’s visualization of Facebook connections (with a bit of post processing):

and Christophe Ladroue’s representation of individual rankings across lags in a triathlon:

Check the R Graph Gallery if you want to enhance your data visualization in R!

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