YES Workshop in Eindhoven

Posted in Seminar/Conference by Julyan Arbel on 9 November 2010

Hi there,
this week I am attending a workshop in Eindhoven on Bayesian nonparametrics, YES IV. It is nice how much it matches my research interests, going basically from asymptotics (rates of convergence of posterior distributions and of posterior risks) to the use of stochastic processes for defining priors (among others, Dirichlet, Beta, Neutral to right processes). So I find it very stimulating.

I thank Ismaël Castillo, one of the two “local” organisers (along with Bas Kleijn), for having offered to me the possibility to present my submitted paper on convergence rates. Echoing Pierre’s last post, it took me a lot of “downs” to write the paper. It was like I would never make it with the neverending technicalities it involved. And then preparing the presentation was a lot of pressure. Unexpectedly, the talk yesterday was OK, since I was able to i) understand the questions and ii) answer most of them. Afterwards, it is super nice to get the feedback of specialists of the field, like Harry van Zanten, Bas Kleijn and Eduard Belitser.

For people interested in it, here are my slides:

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