This page gives some links to various websites on which you can find free datasets. We use some of these datasets ourselves, for testing methods and for teaching.


United Nations

World Bank

French public datasets (French government, INSEE)

Google Public Data Explore


Comprehensive Knowledge Archiving Network

Infochimps (and this blog post on Infochimps API)

DataMarket (and this blog post about rdatamarket)

KDnuggets: large datasets for dataminig projects

Amazon’s cloud


reddit datasets

Rdatasets: an archive of datasets distributed with R


Data and Maps at GeoCommons

COW: Correlates Of Wars

Country codes: package on CRAN

Country files

France communes polygons (IGN) and this post

Population of France communes since 1062

osmar-package : geographic elements of OpenStreetMap via its API.

London transport data for this kind of map with ggplot2

Social network

twitteR: Twitter API within R

Unbiased samples of facebook users




Global Terrorism Database (OK it’s not funny)




All time athletics

Ipitos: general races, running, triathlon…




Information is Beautiful

Open Knowledge Foundation

Washington Post

Prediction competitions


Scientific collaborations

DBLP Bibliography

R packages for dealing with data

Stackexchange : Data APIs/feeds available as packages in R

This interesting blog post about various methods to get data directly from R

And this one too

RGoogleTrends, RGoogleDocs and this blog post:  How to use a Google Spreadsheet as data in R

New York Times: RNYTimes R package


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  1. […] a collection of datasets from OECD, IMF, Eurostat, World Bank, US Census Bureau, etc (cf. our datasets page as well). It is possible to plot these data directly online, with the following (limited) types: […]

  2. Jeremy_G said, on 28 September 2011 at 10:44

    Il y a une petite erreur dans le lien qui mène au site de l’INSEE :

  3. […] have added the link in our datasets page. LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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