Remote seminars

Hi all, It seems like the current environment is perfect for the growth of remote seminars. Most of them seem to be free to attend, some of them require registration. I’ve collected some links to seminars with topics related to statistics on this page: I will try to keep the page up to datesContinue reading “Remote seminars”

Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7

We are organising a two-day Bayesian workshop in Grenoble in September 6-7, 2018. It will be the second edition of the Italian-French statistics seminar (link to first edition), titled this year: Bayesian learning theory for complex data modeling. The workshop will give to young statisticians the opportunity to learn from and interact with highly qualified senior researchersContinue reading “Bayesian workshop in Grenoble, September 6-7”

AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018

This is an advertisement for on conference on AI organised at Inria Grenoble by Thoth team and Naver labs : This AI summer school comprises lectures and practical sessions conducted by renowned experts in different areas of artificial intelligence. This event is the revival of a past series of very successful summer schools which took placeContinue reading “AI in Grenoble, 2nd to 6th July 2018”

A big problem in our community

Hi all, Kristian Lum, who was already one of my Statistics superheroes for her many interesting papers and great talks, bravely wrote the following text about her experience as a young statistician going to conferences: I can’t thank Kristian enough for speaking out. Her experience is both shocking and hardly surprising. Many, many academicsContinue reading “A big problem in our community”

New R user community in Grenoble, France

Nine R user communities already exist in France and there is a much large number of R communities around the world. It was time for Grenoble to start its own! The goal of the R user group is to facilitate the identification of local useRs, to initiate contacts, and to organise experience and knowledge sharing sessions.Continue reading “New R user community in Grenoble, France”

ABC in Banff

Hi all, Last week I attended a wonderful meeting on Approximate Bayesian Computation in Banff, which gathered a nice crowd of ABC users and enthusiasts, including lots of people outside of computational stats, whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Christian blogged about it there. My talk on Inference with Wasserstein distances is available as a video here (jointContinue reading “ABC in Banff”

momentify R package at BAYSM14

I presented an arxived paper of my postdoc at the big success Young Bayesian Conference in Vienna. The big picture of the talk is simple: there are situations in Bayesian nonparametrics where you don’t know how to sample from the posterior distribution, but you can only compute posterior expectations (so-called marginal methods). So e.g. you cannot provide credible intervals.Continue reading “momentify R package at BAYSM14”

MCM’Ski lessons

A few days after the MCMSki conference, I start to see the main lessons gathered there. I should really read the full program before attending the next MCMSki. The three parallel sessions looked consistently interesting, and I really regret having missed some talks (in particular Dawn Woodard‘s and Natesh Pillai‘s) and some posters as wellContinue reading “MCM’Ski lessons”

Joint Statistical Meeting 2013

Hey, In a few weeks (August 3-8) I’ll attend the Joint Statistical Meeting in Montréal, Canada. According to Wikipedia it’s been held every year since 1840 and now gathers more than 5,000 participants! I’ll talk in a session organized by Scott Schmidler, entitled Adaptive Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Computation; you can find the sessionContinue reading “Joint Statistical Meeting 2013”

Back from ISBA Regional Meeting in India

Hello everyone, and of course Happy New Year (2013 is the international year of statistics!). Last week the ISBA Regional Meeting was held in Banaras / Varanasi, in the North of India. The conference was well attended, with leading figures such as Jayanta K. Ghosh, José Bernardo, James Berger, Peter Green, Christian Robert who bloggedContinue reading “Back from ISBA Regional Meeting in India”